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My name is Christina O 

I am a Certified Bondassage/Elysium Practitioner and an Urban Tantra Practitioner. I bring my big heart, ample enthusiasm, significant skill set, and genuine passion for the erotic arts to every encounter. 

I've been a Professional Domina, Sensual Shaman, Tantrika, Sensual Bodyworker, Reiki Practitioner, Somatic Healer, Erotic Educator, and Kink expert. I've explored it all with voracious enthusiasm. 

In heels I'm a towering 6 feet curvy athletic natural blonde. My incredible physical strength, height, and ample curves creates an experience of total physical domination. It's matched with my exquisite skills and passion for taking you on an immersive journey like no other. 

When I found Bondassage it combined everything I loved: light BDSM, Sensual bodywork, Tantra, and Kink into a completely immersive experience that's all about you having the experience of stepping out of your everyday reality into a deeply exciting and relaxing place. 

I'm also a professional writer who adores film, books, museums, great eateries. Comic-Con is my happy place! I am a total nerd for anything to do with that world! 


I'm a personal development passionista who loves meaningful conversation and creating quiet sensual spaces for people to experience magic.  

I love working with couples because I've gathered such in-depth knowledge for such a wide range of sensual arts I can offer such abundance in a Bondassage session for a unique experience and education. I am professional, friendly, sweet, and highly knowledgable. 

I also adore creating 1:1 sessions for men & women & non-binary/trans folks that take you places you haven't gone before sensually within yourself. 


Bondassage & Elysium for Individuals 

A Private Immersive Adventure 

I love to take individuals on a glorious immersive journey of sensation, relaxation and sensory delights. 

A winning combo of bodywork & light bdsm, blind-fold, and fully immersive music, this will take you to places you haven't gone before. A safe, nurturing, exciting journey like no other.

Also explore fun kinky additions you can add to Bondassage session.  Click the link below to learn more. 


Bondassage & Elysium for Couples

"Private Bondassage for Couples coaching is a safe, playful, creative way to stretch your intimate boundaries and expand your erotic repertoire. It’s a lovely way to rekindle the passion and desire in your relationship. You’ll become more sensitive and adventurous with each other as you reach new levels of intimacy and sensuality". - Founder, Jaeleen Bennis

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